Here’s the answers to all your questions. 

Q: The book says it’s based on a true story. Umm…is it?
A: Some of it. Like many horror films, I took some real events, then used them fast and loosely to suit my needs. The intended effect is further immersion in both that case and my own.

Q: This is your seventh book, does anyone really ask you these questions anymore?
A: No… will you? Will you play with me? *creepy ball rolls out from the shadows*

Q: I don’t get it, what’s a gamebook? And how do you click links in a book?
A: Whoa, whoa, whoa, one question at a time. First, in a gamebook you get to decide how the story progresses; it’s a much more active reading experience than a traditional novel. And second, as an ebook, you don’t have to flip around to whatever page to learn your fate–you simply click to it. To learn more about gamebooks, try here.

Q: Is this only available as an ebook? What if I don’t have an ereader?
A: If you’re reading this on a webpage (and odds are no one printed this off for you), you can read HAUNTED. There are apps you can download to read kindle books on your PC, phone, whatever. BUT! It’s also available as a paperback, so fret not. The technologically-averse can Flip Your Poison.

Q: I found a decision loop!
A: Good for you. Also, that’s not a question. But seriously? I give you the power to explore the multiverse, to leap across parallel universes, and you use it to replay two decisions back-to-back on an endless loop? Real cool…

Q: Will there be an illustrated hardcover?
A: If you’re reading this and it doesn’t yet exist, then yes! If it already exists…also yes, but why did you ask?

Satisfied? No? I missed one? Fine. Send me your question, and maybe it’ll get answered and/or added to this page.