HAUNTED (sample 1)

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Prima Donna

You continue past the next staircase, which doubles back over your head and toward the front of the house. That must be the access to the widow’s walk at the roofline outside. Past these stairs, there’s a peculiarly small door, half the size and stature of any others in the house.

The open doorway straight ahead is inset next to a thick, reinforced section of wall, which you reason is the chimney from the den fireplace below. The Tansky House oddly feels larger upstairs than downstairs, and it’s with a sense of vertigo that you proceed past the fireplace and toward the dark room beyond.

Thankfully, there’s enough light from the chandelier outside that you’re able to see the entry to a bedroom, and find the interior light switch. Once the space has been illuminated, you head into the Madonna Room. It’s a good-sized master suite, especially considering the age of the house when rooms used to be much smaller. A four-post canopy bed is centered on the exterior wall between two windows, with a curtain of white lace partially obscuring and enclosing the queen-sized bed. A bedside table holds a silver tea tray. As you stand at the entry, there’s a large armoire to your right and a door to the bathroom on your left.

The furniture has been painted white to look modern, and is accented by lilac and lavender shades. The room looks comfortable, even considering you’re staying in a severely haunted house. The color scheme continues into the bathroom, which holds a seated station before the mirror for hair and makeup, a claw-foot deep soaking tub, and a modern standalone shower unit. The toilet is also modernized, and equipped with an array of bidet options.

There’s a second door leading out of the bathroom, but it’s closed with a simple lock on the doorknob, common to shared bathrooms.

➢ Go through the bathroom to explore the adjoining room.

Turn around and go check out the Navy Room.

➢ Decide to lock up and stay in the Madonna Room for the evening.


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this spine-tingling chiller is under $5.  I suppose you could pay someone to jump out of a bush and scare you for five bucks, but will they do it over 50 times?!

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