HAUNTED (sample 2)

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Ship Shape

From the upper landing, you walk the hallway past the stair railing, ignoring the two doors on the opposite wall for now. Mentally mapping the house, you recall that the home faces east, with the den at the northeastern corner. You’re presently curving around the hallway to the southwest, which would be above the dining room beneath your feet. In fact, as you make your second right, you get the sense that you’re directly above the dining room in parallel hallways, but this long, dark corridor feels like it continues too far.

There’s a door to your immediate left, ajar and leading into a dark bedroom. Further down the hallway, there’s a second door on the left wall, but this one is closed. The overly long hallway stretches farther than seems possible, expanding as if in a Hitchcock movie, capped at the end by a display of twin military uniforms.

On the left, an old Civil War Confederate Officer’s uniform. On the right, an enlisted rifleman’s World War I uniform. Both are in immaculate condition, considering their age. The left also holds a Cavalry saber, while the right displays an M1917 Enfield bolt-action rifle. You’re too far away to see any nametags, but you have a pretty good guess what they might read.

Instead, you turn on the light switch and enter the Navy Room. This room is named for its color scheme, you realize. The room is predominantly navy blue, with deep, polished wood-grained furniture, and bronze accents on handles.

This master suite has a king size bed, a large armoire dresser, and an end table with a crystal whiskey decanter and a single glass. There’s also an ashtray for smoking, as well as a pipe stand. From your perspective in the doorway, the bed is centered straight ahead, the furniture to your left, and the door to the bathroom on your right.

Continuing, the bathroom holds a large walk-in shower, separated by a private sliding-door toilet, and a stand-up sink with a mirrored medicine cabinet. Everything is updated and overall it seems like a fine place to bide your time.

➢ This will work. Lock up the bedroom door and call it a night.

➢ Go back out to the hall, take a look at the other room with the shut door. 

Turn back toward the stairway to go look at the Madonna Room. 


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this spine-tingling chiller is under $5.  I suppose you could pay someone to jump out of a bush and scare you for five bucks, but will they do it over 50 times?!

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