The rules are simple. Invite some friends over, fire up your ereader (Kindle, iPad, tablet, etc.) with INFECTED loaded, or grab your paperback, and you’re ready to go.

Sit in a circle and begin to read the book aloud. When you get to a decision point, decide as a group which path to take. The narrator, however, has final say. Once the choice is made, click the link and pass the ereader clockwise.

That’s it! There are some hard choices to make, and this should spark a lively discussion–like the “Questions” games such as “Would you rather?” except now you get to read the consequences of your choice.

Want to make it more lively? Add these drinking rules, if you’re so inclined:

“A book drinking game? That’s just crazy enough to work!”

There’s the spirit!

-Beer whenever you kill a zombie.
-A shot whenever you die.

Things will start off slowly, so feel free to make toasts and sip at your leisure until the pace picks up. Play until you survive the apocalypse or you’ve died so many times you’re no longer able to read (please drink responsibly).


*If you’re not of legal drinking age, chug Mountain Dew (Code Red) and take shots of hot sauce.

Trust me, whoever’s parents are hosting the slumber party will love this idea

Zombie makeup optional.


What do you think?

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