Here’s the answers to all your questions. 

Q: I don’t get it, what’s a gamebook? And how do you click links in a book?
A: Whoa, whoa, whoa, one question at a time. First, in a gamebook you get to decide how the story progresses; it’s a much more active reading experience than a traditional novel. And second, as an ebook, you don’t have to flip around to whatever page to learn your fate–you simply click to it. To learn more about gamebooks, try here.

Q: Why “Click Your Poison”? Why not call it a “Choose Your Own Adventure” if that’s the genre?
A: Choose Your Own Adventure® is now a registered trademark of Chooseco, LLC, and is not associated in any way with Click Your Poison™ books. The genre for both is “gamebook”.

Q: Is this only available as an ebook? What if I don’t have an ereader?
A: If you’re reading this on a webpage (and odds are no one printed this off for you), you can read INFECTED. There are apps you can download to read kindle books on your PC, phone, whatever. BUT! It’s also available as a paperback, so fret not.

Q: I found a decision loop!
A: Good for you. Also, that’s not a question. But seriously? I give you the power to explore the multiverse, to leap across parallel universes during the zombie apocalypse, and you use it to replay two decisions back-to-back on an endless loop? Real cool…

Q: Isn’t there something similar to this already out?
A: Is there? I couldn’t find anything. But then again, parallel development does happen.

Q: Is there any way I can make this book more social?
A: Yes! I’m glad you asked. Just for fun, let’s make it a decision–just like in the book.

What do you mean by “social”?

“I mean I want to party.”

“You know, have a few friends over, laugh over a bottle of wine, maybe a cheese platter…”

Q: Okay, so my zombie apocalypse plan involves a private island and a compound with ridiculous security measures, but your book doesn’t give me the option to sail away from the fray–what gives?
A: Here’s what gives. If you’re wealthy enough that what you claim is true, you’ve probably got a few million laying around you wouldn’t mind spending on, say, a formula that makes you live forever, right? So go ahead, take the Gilgazyme® and see what happens…

Satisfied? No? I missed one? Fine. Send me your question, and maybe it’ll get answered and/or added to this page.

One thought on “INFECTED FAQs

  1. About Infected…I don’t have any witty comments, oh wait…
    Just like an Infection, “Infected” keeps growing & spreading…
    I thought it was very well done!
    I didn’t cheat, and enjoyed how the story progressed, staying true to Zombie lore!
    There are quite a few Zombie genre e-books out there. All better than I could produce.
    Some great, some not so great, but they all beat watching TV these days.
    With “Infected” I feel like I got a really good Zombie Novel, that just keeps on giving!
    It’s a book that keeps you wanting to see what comes next, and when you are done, there’s still more to anticipate, dread, fear, cheer…
    Thank you for a very interesting read, Mr Schannep!
    Keep your back to the wall,
    Kill them all,
    Let God sort ’em out!
    Pysyko out.

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