INFECTED (sample 1)

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Defend the Homestead!

You were either born with extra courage or lacking in prudence, but either way, you go to town on these zombies. They break out the boards on your living room window and you crack their skulls open as they start to crawl through. One, two, three zombies down. Your adrenaline is really pumping now.

From the moaning outside, it’s certain they’re still coming, but there’s a break in the action so you start boarding the window back up. You get two boards up when you hear a crash from your kitchen. There’re a couple of ghouls back that way. Just as you finish fixing the front window, they break the boards down in the kitchen window.

You sprint back and smash the baseball bat against them as hard as you can. It sometimes takes two or three hits, but you release their brains like hitting a piñata with your eyes open. You take out the two who tried to breach the kitchen but there isn’t time to board the windows back up because the zombies are coming in through the living room again.

Despite arms that are burning with exhaustion, you keep going strong. The stench of the undead is fearsome, and their bodies start to pile up. The alarm, the moaning, or both—prove more effective than you might have thought, and your home is soon swarming with undead.

They’re coming through the kitchen and the living room at the same time and then you hear the crash of the glass from your bedroom window. It’s too late to make it down to the basement or up to the attic, and they’ve got your house surrounded, so there’s no chance of escape.

This is it. It’s just your homerun-slugger versus the dozens of hellspawn streaming into your house. You won’t go down without a fight, and you manage to take two more to the grave before you’re overwhelmed and eaten alive. You watch in unbearable pain as your innards become outards.

They’re ravenous and don’t leave enough of you to rise again.



Aww, you died. But hey, now you’ve got a leg up on the competition and learned an important lesson: strength in numbers. Even zombies understand enough military strategy to employ the Principle of Mass. So when you get the book, maybe don’t try to Terminator your way through the horde next time.

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