INFECTED (sample 2)

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Life Attic

You pull the cord above you, bringing down the retractable ladder. With a backpack full of canned food and a few bottles of water, you head into the crawlspace above your home. You pull the ladder up, push boxes of Christmas decorations out of the way, and prepare to wait them out in silence.

It’s not long until the undead have breached inside your house. The alarm, the moaning, or both—proved more effective than you might have thought, and soon your home is swarming with them. Even though you can’t see down, you can hear enough to know it’s totally full down there.

They search in vain, unable to grasp the concept that you’re in the ceiling, and eventually they start to leave.

*             *             *

Well, a long thirteen days pass by. Your hiding spot has held! Your food supplies, however, have not. You’ve got about a day’s worth left and water is running low too.

I don’t care; I’d rather starve than be eaten.

Back down the stairs. I know I left some food in the house.

Out onto the roof. The advantage is the high ground.


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free ride. But seriously, this beast is under $5, so skip lunch just this once and learn how not to become it. Lunch, that is.

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