The following is a sample decision point.

Pressing Forward

Captain Longwick arrives on deck, white shirt billowing. His ceremonial officer’s coat hasn’t been worn in weeks and his dark hair, overdue for a cut, flutters in the wind. With an open hand to receive it, he’s given the telescope by Dalton.

At length, the captain lowers the telescope and says, “They’ve spotted us. Note this position and make all sail back towards the fleet. We’re to report the furthest vanguard of the Dons to the Admiral.”

Dalton hesitates. “Captain, do you mean we’re to outrun her? If we turn now, surely they’d see and get the jump on us. They have the wind; she’ll catch us before nightfall.”

“Then you’d better get us underway with haste, Lieutenant.”

“Aye, Captain. Mr. Magnus! Chart a course, we’re to outrun her and report back!”

Captain Longwick takes another long study from the looking glass, then adds, “Double the men pumping the bilge for maximum speed. We’ll lose them under cover of darkness. Not a single lantern to be lit after sunset, nor a match for a pipe. Have the cook serve early, then extinguish. Once fed, prepare gunners and load the guns, open the armory and set snipers. If they hope to catch us… we’re going to make it costly.”

Lieutenant Dalton offers a sharp salute, and Captain Longwick disappears back into his cabin. Dalton turns, ready to relay the orders. From what you’ve seen these last few weeks, this could be the perfect opportunity to shine!

Volunteer to lead a team into the pump room. The Captain listed this as his first priority!

All sails is quite the task and requires as many hands as can muster. Await your orders here.