MURDERED: The Book Club Reader’s Guide

SPOILER ALERT: Caution, if you want a true Monet Experience, avoid these questions until after you’ve read through the book several times.

Take 1-2 weeks, progress through as many iterations of MURDERED as you can, while keeping the following questions in mind. Then, meet up with your reader’s group and discuss:

1)      Was your first inclination to pick up the revolver? Why or why not?
2)      Discuss your impressions of Agents Bertram and Danly. Compare and contrast the two men’s styles.
3)      What was the first ending you discovered? Share your experiences with the group.
4)      What would you say was the “best ending” you found? Talk about solving the mystery.
5)      There are certain expected norms in mystery fiction. To what extent did MURDERED uphold these traditions? Has Schannep added anything new to the genre?
6)      Both the villains and heroes in this story work outside the confines of the law. What does this say about the value of the organization vs the individual?
7)      There are several vignettes off the beaten path. What was your favorite “hidden gem”?
8)      A major theme in MURDERED is that of environmentalism versus commerce. Is it possible to find a happy medium? Or will these two values always be at odds?
9)      In what ways does the lawless aspects of Brazil impact the story? Did you get a dark or “noir” feel (much like 1950s LA where detectives worked outside the law)?
10)   How did you feel about being “in control” of the story? Did you feel more or less involved than you do with traditional books?
11)   Did you feel you were rewarded for altruistic or selfish actions? For reserved or brazen choices? Defend your positions.
12)   After reading this book, are you more or less likely to visit Brazil? Why?

And, as a bonus, if there’s anything you’d like to ask the author, feel free to post it in the comment section below.

What do you think?

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