MURDERED (sample 1)

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Irma looks impressed. With raised eyebrow she says, “You ever consider a job as a Rio cop? Maybe you should stick around here when you’re done.”

Then she slaps her pistol across the teenager’s face.

She asks him again, yelling now, her tones harsh and relentless. He spits once more, this time leaving a swath of red on the floor. This time, he talks.

“He says of course, they’ve all heard about her. The cops have already made their way through here with questions. What else do you want to ask him? We don’t have much time.”

“Was it his gang who killed her?”

“Let’s just go. If they’ve all heard about it, we can ask someone else.”

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“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this thrill ride is under $5, so skip the coffee just this once and pick up something that’ll really get your heart racing.

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