The following is a sample decision point in the Sims storyline.


…As soon as the C-17 touches down and the bay door lowers, you’re the first one out. Gasmask securely pulled over your sweaty head, ruck slung, and rifle at the ready. Keeping your head down, you head for your reserve unit.

The base is insane. Total chaos. You’ve never seen anything like it. The entry gates have been breached, most likely by semi-truck drivers looking for answers; looking for sanctuary. The airport in Manaus was insane, but here the mental patients have taken over the asylum.

Inside the reserve office there’s a measure of calm relative to the hellscape outside. At the manning desk sits a young Airman whose nametag reads “Fanuzzi.” He looks at you wearily as you approach, probably because you’re still wearing a gasmask.

“Just touched down from Operation RAS-Putin,” you say. “Is the Group Commander in?”

“Sorry, Sergeant. All guard members have been mobilized. We’re assisting the Army with a humanitarian something or other.”

“Where? How long ago?” you ask.

“Ahh, all day, as far as I know.” He consults his log book. “We’ve got one bird still in the area, and I can get you a seat if you’re ready for it. Otherwise, the Army is putting together crews for Humvees at the Armory.”

The kid clearly has no idea what’s going on, so you’ll have to get a mission brief en route. Last time you checked, you had less than half a full magazine for your M4, and the armory might be a good spot for a refill. Then again, a bird in the hand gets the worm, and a helicopter ride to front lines would be significantly faster than a Humvee ride through clogged streets.


I think I’ll stick with Air Power and take that last seat on the helicopter.

Strength in numbers: both people and bullets. Humvee it up!