PATHOGENS (sample 2)

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A Great Big Convoy

Good news: The armory has plenty of ammo for your M4, and the motorpool still has about a dozen Humvees ready for checkout. Bad news: There’s almost no organization down here. No one knows who’s in charge, and what’s worse, no one cares.

“Whoever’s in charge must already be down at the hospital,” an Army Sergeant says, “otherwise, how would everyone know to meet there?”

“Looking for a ride, Sarge?” another young soldier asks.

He might not even be twenty years old, yet he looks like he was born into his desert-cammo uniform. He’s unmistakably a soldier, with that high-and-tight haircut, but his thick, ruddy handlebar mustache is definitely not in regs. Most likely, he just got home from deployment.

“What’s your name, Soldier?” you ask, noting he doesn’t wear his uniform jacket.

He touches his undershirt where the nametag would normally sit and says, “Can’t you see? I’m No-body. I changed it once I heard that nobody makes it out of this thing alive.”

“Okay, Nobody, do you also have no rank?”

“Of course I have rank, Sarge. This is the Army, after all. I’m Captain of this here ship,” he says, patting the Humvee on its hood.

Another soldier, this one not even bothering to wear the undershirt of his uniform, hops up on the gunner turret of the Humvee. He’s covered in war-paint, and the whites of his crazed eyes pop against his painted face.

“And him?” you ask.

“No rank, but I got a name. Simecek,” the shirtless man says. “Convoy’s movin’ out, pops. Get in or get lost.”

Captain Nobody shrugs and gets in the driver seat.


I suppose you have to be half-crazy to fight legions of undead. Get in the front passenger seat.

This is FUBAR—find a different ride; one with some sense of military bearing.

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