Sample: SPIED

The following is a sample decision point. It has been abridged for this page.

Train Hard

Your mission is to deliver the reprogrammed guidance computer to the infiltration team at the exact right moment—by flinging it from the train as you cross through base territory. You’ll cut right through Vandenberg without stopping; then you’ll toss the bag containing the guidance computer out the window as you pass over a bridge. First, you’ll pull the attached ripcord, which will cause a specialized bag to inflate around the satellite guidance system and cushion its landing, as well as protect it from sand and moisture.

Ringo is to be the bagman, with you and Bird providing surveillance. He sits in a central car of the train, Bird is in front, and you are at the rear, keeping an eye out for anyone who might be keeping an eye out of their own.

Presently, you ride on the first leg of the journey: the train down to San Luis Obispo. Here, you’ll switch to the Surfliner and travel directly to Lompoc via the base. Until then, there’s nothing to do but watch the scenery drift by from the views afforded by the large windows.

Through the reflections in the glass, you can see people walking to the toilet, reading magazines, or napping lazily. This section of the California countryside is mainly open fields and farmland, but the next leg of the journey will be entirely coastal. A lovely way to pass the time.

“I’ve been made,” Ringo says in your ear. “I need backup, now.”

His words are urgent, the tone unmistakably panicked.

“What? Where did they come from?” Bird asks over comm.

No response. Did you miss a threat passing through the train? You’re fairly certain you did not. What should you do?