SPIED (sample 1)

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Moving carefully, you leave your train car and peer into the next one over. The doors between the cars open automatically at your approach, and between the two cars there’s a “buffer zone” where the restroom lies. The bathroom door is wide open, swaying as the train jounces along the tracks. Passing carefully, you see no one inside—but there is a hatch above the toilet which is propped open. Did whoever is after Ringo come in from above? That would be insanely dangerous, but it would explain why neither you nor Bird saw anything suspicious.

Continuing, the automatic door to the next train car—the one where Ringo was residing—opens just as someone runs out toward you. It’s a Chinese man in a black suit, carrying a bag—the bag.

Behind him, you catch a glimpse of Ringo splayed out on the floor, with several other Chinese agents around him. Bird fights them off, but she’s overwhelmed.

“Stop that man!” she shouts. “He has my bag!”

Clever. She doesn’t identify you as part of the team, but instead calls upon your help as a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, the train is loud and it’s unlikely anyone else in your train heard her calls for aid. What should you do? The foreign agent runs right at you. He looks determined, but is not a large man. You might be able to take him, despite not having been trained in combat.

  • Punch him right in his commie face. 
  • Go with a schoolyard trick; trip him as he goes by. 


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this action-packed thriller is under $5. You definitely can’t get a fake passport for that cheaply, so this is probably your best value for spy-themed adventure.

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