SPIED (sample 2)

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Rush Hour

The doors between the cars open automatically as you approach, though the transition feels painfully slow. After this, you make another false start through the “buffer zone,” between the two cars where the restroom lies, and abruptly stop at the automatic door to the next train car—the one where Ringo was residing with the bag.

The door opens and you arrive (just as Bird does from the other side) to see Ringo fighting off half a dozen Chinese agents. One turns to face you and reaches inside his coat pocket, so you shove him back. If he has a concealed weapon, it’s best to keep this as a close-quarters fight.

The other passengers in the train car flee in terror and you can only hope there isn’t a Marshall or other law enforcement present on the train coming to break up the fight—they’d see you all as agitators, and you don’t have time to go in for questioning.

Bird shows an impressive mastery of hand-to-hand combat while Ringo fights like he’s in a barroom brawl. Then there’s you, in sharp contrast, what with your complete lack of professional field-agent training. So…you shove the nearest combatant back again.

The Chinese agent stumbles once more, unable to regain his balance with a hand tucked inside his coat, and knocks into another agent behind him. This second agent turns back to join in his fellow agent’s attack against you, brandishing a club to help with the job.

You retreat, looking for a way out, but you don’t see one—instead, the way out jabs between your shoulder blades. Off to the side from the automatic doors is an emergency escape door. With your back against the door mechanism, they come for you.

  • Open the emergency exit and send the Chinese agents packing! 

  • Fight. You only need to last a few minutes while Ringo and Bird fight off the others. 


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this action-packed thriller is under $5. You definitely can’t get a fake passport for that cheaply, so this is probably your best value for spy-themed adventure.

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