SUPEPOWERED (sample 1)

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Darting In

You down the rest of the drink, set the glass on the bar top, and push it to the bartender. He looks at you, knowing deep down he saw something strange, but doubting himself. You smile.

Trying not to be too obvious that you’re superhuman, you pull the darts from the board with your hands. A trio by the jukebox—two women and a man—settle in to watch you play. Pressure’s on. Okay, throw the dart, then use your mind to guide it home; that’s the challenge.

You throw and push. The dart flies forward, but your throw was off and in an attempt to correct its trajectory, you overcompensate and slam the dart into the wall, burying it three-quarters through the drywall.

“Whoa, easy there, killer,” the raven-haired woman says.

Her dirty-blonde companion laughs. The man smiles, but it’s an enjoyment at your expense.

Concentrate, you’ve got this. You take a deep breath and throw again, tossing it only lightly, then grab it in the air with your mind. The dart hovers as you guide it forward and eventually it presses into the bull’s-eye but, you realize too late, it moved unnaturally slowly.

“What the shit?” the guy says.

You throw another dart, faster this time, and guide it in just outside the bull’s-eye. Not bad. Trying to keep their suspicions at bay, you go again. This time, you’re able to push it right on target. The fifth and sixth throws hit the bull’s-eye too, so accurately that your final throw knocks the tail off your first bull’s-eye.

The trio looks at you with some awe.

“Not bad, huh? You guys wanna play?”

Before they can answer, a crash from behind draws your attention to the bar. There’s a couple deep in argument, and a broken pint glass on the floor. It’s the girl from the shuffleboard table and a man who must’ve arrived just after you.

“I said, ‘no!’” she shouts. “Leave me alone or I’m calling the cops.”

“C’mon,” the man says, just before clamping a strong hand on her bicep.

“Leave her alone,” you find yourself saying. The whole bar stops to look at you. “You—you heard what I said, and I suggest you go now if you don’t want any trouble.”

Despite the man’s imposing size and his dockworker’s strength, you’re feeling confident. He pushes the woman off to the side, then steps toward you. It’s obvious from his body language that the time for talk has passed.

His fist is the size of your head, but you duck in for an uppercut to his abdomen.

Here’s what would have happened before you got your powers: Your blow would land harmlessly against his barrel chest, while his own strike would connect to the side of your head. He would then proceed to beat you senselessly while everyone thinks, That’s why I don’t get involved. If you’re lucky, the bartender would tell him that’s enough and he would drag his woman away from the bar, leaving you bloodied on the floor.

Now here’s what actually happens: You use the same blend of physical and psychic movements you’ve just been practicing with the darts, except now you don’t hold back. Your fist connects with his ribcage, and your mind blasts him away, sending the hulking man over the bar into the shelf of alcohol. You just knocked him back fifteen feet, most likely shattering his ribs and possibly collapsing his lung.

“Are you okay?” you ask the woman.

She nods, terrified. Tears stream down her cheeks and over her trembling lips.

You look around the rest of the bar; all the patrons shrink away from your gaze. The bartender puts a shot on the counter for you and says, “On the house.”

Like a boss, you down the alcohol, give the bartender a knowing nod of thanks, and leave the bar. This is incredible. With these powers, you could do anything!

No time for small potatoes. Off to the casino—I’m going to make a killing at roulette!

I’m basically a Jedi; time to put on a robe and protect the innocent.


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this action-packed adventure is under $5, so instead of downloading that movie, live your own blockbuster!

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