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Balls Out

There are two men standing at the table, one tall and thin, the other fit and handsome.

“Fair warning,” the thinner man says, “you’d be paying fifty bucks just for the privilege. I’m not the kind to shark you, so I want you to know that we compete in tournaments. On television.”

Oooh, on television? How fancy! Your smile widens. “In that case, which of you is better?”

Seeing the $50 you slap on the table, the athletic man matches your bill with a $50 bill of his own. “If you’re looking to blow fifty bucks, why not just buy a round for the bar, eh, stranger?”

“Sure,” you say. “With the fifty I win from you.”

“All right, let’s see what you got,” Jack Skellington says.

Your opponent sends the white orb flying into the triangle of pool balls. Nothing sinks, and you’re up.

You hit the cue ball with your stick, careening into the ten and twelve balls. As they’re slowing toward the pocket, you help one of the balls into a side pocket by force of will. Then you send the other to join it.

“Stripes,” you announce.

Lining up your next shot, you do your best to hit the ball into the corner pocket, but when your shot is slightly off, you push the ball in with your telekinesis. Going again, you actually manage to sink an easy shot, but that would leave the cue ball trapped behind a solid, so you inch it out with your mind.

Another shot sunk, and another. Just for fun, you tell the ball to jump across the table, then backspin and sink your last stripe.

“Corner pocket,” you announce, then sink the eight ball.

“Who…are you?” Marky Mark asks.

“Beginner’s luck. Double or nothing?”

“Okay, my turn. Do that again, asshole, I dare you,” Scarecrow threatens.

“‘Asshole,’ is it? In that case, I’ll break.” You chalk your stick, then add, “Solids. Followed by eight-ball, top left corner.”

Before they can respond, you take your shot. The cue ball cracks hard against the triangle of balls and you stand up to watch as they haphazardly bounce off the rails. You, in, you tell the first ball as it nears right center. It sinks. You nudge the balls one-by-one, sending all seven solid-colored balls into the pockets, then you guide the eight ball from the opposite side of the table into the top left corner.

Slack jaws hang open and wide eyes stare at you.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t nice,” you say. “Keep your money.”

You pick up the cue ball and spin it on your pointer finger, like a Harlem Globetrotter. You’re tempted to whistle, but a crash from behind draws your attention to the bar. There’s a couple deep in argument, and a broken pint glass on the floor. It’s the girl from the shuffleboard table and a man who must’ve arrived just after you.

“Dumb bitch!” the giant of a man says, before shoving the young woman to the ground.

“Nope! That’s not happening,” you cry.

With the cue ball still spinning on your finger, you face the creep, wide-stance like an Old West sheriff. The man grabs a beer bottle, breaks the end off on the bar and starts towards you.

“Why don’t you stop me then, chump?” he growls.


In one seamless movement, you lower your arm, point the still-affixed-to-your-finger cue ball at the man and bring down your thumb like the hammer on a pistol. The cue ball “shoots” at Goliath, striking him in the head and instantly knocking him unconscious.

You bring up your gun-hand and blow at the tips of your fingers in bravado.

Walking over to the bar, you help the woman up. Once you’re sure she’s okay, you put your $50 down on the bartop and say, “Drinks are on me.”

This power is absolutely incredible and addicting. You need more.

I want to mess with people—maybe pretend there’s a ghost in that creepy old restaurant down the street.

That man was the first to fall before me, but he won’t be the last. Tomorrow, it’s time to run this town.


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