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Bring Me a Dream

You “shuffle” on over, drink in hand and lay out a casual, “Mind if I join you?”

She looks up. Young and sweet, she says, “Oh, I’m not playing.”

“It’s not too late to start, is it?” She shrugs. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

You slide one of the pucks across the sandy table and it falls off the other end. You hold up another puck of the opposite color for her to take.

She does so, but says, “I’m kinda waiting for someone.”

“Can I ‘kinda’ keep you company in the meantime?” you ask before tossing another puck.

She looks down at the table and you meet her gaze on the area she was drawing in the sand. “Jason,” it says in cursive writing.

Using your mind, the sand smooths out and the word erases. She looks confused, surprised, and a little frightened.

“Look again,” you say. A heart appears in the sand, as if drawn by a finger. The girl gasps as an arrow appears through the heart, Cupid-style.

“How—how did you do that?” she asks.

“Did you like that? Watch this,” you reply.

You take the puck from her hand with your mind, and grab a second puck from the table. Arms out wide, you let the two pucks roll back and forth across your arms, which you move in a wave motion for effect. You drop one of them, and just before it hits the floor, pull it back up like a yo-yo.

“Wow! That’s amazing! Are you a magician?”

In answer, you put both pucks behind your back, and leave them there to hover, then put out your empty hands. Showing off, you float the pucks behind her, unseen, and bring them out from behind her ears as if it were indeed a trick.

“Something like that,” you reply. “But my magic is real.”

You wink.

“Who’s the freak?” a man asks from behind. You turn to see a hulking stranger, easily the biggest dock worker here.

The girl shrugs and looks nervous. “Don’t get mad, Jason, we were just talking.”

He steps forward and she cringes, like an animal expecting a strike.

“Everything okay?” you ask.

“You’d better get lost,” he says, his breath thick with whiskey.

You look to her. She nods. “You should go.”

“If you’re sure,” you say. “I’ll go.”

She nods again. After tossing $20 on the bar to pay your tab, you push through the saloon doors and walk back toward the warehouse. Thirty paces out, a roaring man’s voice cries for blood.

“Hey, freak! Were you hitting on my girl? I can’t let you disrespect me like that. I’ve got a reputation.”

You turn to see the same gigantic man from the bar—Jason—bearing down on you.


“I’m gonna wipe that smug grin off your face!”

He comes over to do just that, fists clenched in rage.

In an unexpected burst of anger, you plant your feet and grasp him with your mind, then fling him nearly twenty feet from the dock into Mercury Bay. He lands with a splash.

Whoa. You’re shocked at your own strength. That wasn’t as difficult as it should’ve been. You just lifted him with the power of mind and threw him away like a piece of garbage. Could you lift yourself? Focusing, you hover off the ground. You can fly!

The girl stands back by the entrance, quaking in fear. You give her another wink, then blast into the night sky.

Maybe the girl was onto something? The Planet Mercury Casino has an amateur magician night that you could probably sweep.

You can fly! Time to go on a moonlight tour of Mercury City and fly until exhaustion sets in.


“Hey, what gives? I can’t click the next choice!” Actually… this is the end of your free sample. But seriously, this action-packed adventure is under $5, so instead of downloading that movie, live your own blockbuster!

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