Friends of CYP

The interactive fiction and gamebook community is growing. As such, here are a few resources I’ve gathered and series for further reading opportunities.

Interactive Fiction & Gamebooks Discussion Group (Book Club)

I run a book club on Facebook, so that’s a great place to start! Each month we discuss something new, with a focus on author involvement and new and emerging titles. If you have a Facebook account, join us at the Interactive Fiction & Gamebooks Discussion Group (Book Club) page. Or, if you just want to see what we’re reading, you can sign up for notifications on our Amazon Book Club Page.

ISSG Podcast

The Instadeath Survivor’s Support Group (ISSG) is a podcast all about gamebooks and interactive fiction. The host Brian Hazard has interviewed authors, publishers, and fans alike. Other content includes playthrough episodes. See more at:

Martin Noutch

Home of the Steam Highwayman. Martin writes sprawling, open world adventures set in a steampunk Great Britain that expand with each additional book he releases. See more at:

Samuel Isaacson

After making a name for himself with an epic sci-fi trilogy, Sam has started branching out into other subgenres of gamebooks. See more at:

James Hirons

Author James Hirons has fashioned his personal website as “Jam’s Place” and indeed it is the place to learn all about his musings and writings. See more at:

Graham Wilson

Scottish author Dr. Graham A Wilson brings his academic background to bear with fully researched and fully realized worlds. See more at:


From quizzes & trivia to gamebooks and more, Fungamery might just have the light distraction you’re looking for. See more at:

Kingdom Catastrophes

Interactive fiction in app format, Kingdom Catastrophes brings a light hearted medieval romp with replayability and rewards. See more at:

Fighting Fantasy

Home of all things Fighting Fantasy and much more, this is a major hub for gamebooks and a great stopping point on your tour. See more at: