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Everyone has their plan; what they’d do to survive if and when the zombie apocalypse happens. But every plan shares one great flaw–there’s no way to test it until it’s too late. Until now…

Mixing creative world-building with practical know-how, and using my background as a former military officer and writer, I’ve  designed a system where you get dropped right into the thick of an outbreak. Discover if you’d survive the zombie apocalypse–without any pesky side effects (like getting your face eaten off) . Simply click the hyperlinks on your favorite e-reader and find out.

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“INFECTED is quite simply a welcome evolution to an old format that just begs to be enjoyed. The zombie apocalypse is an instantly identifiable and enjoyable setting to many, especially us gamers who have spent hours in conversations with friends about the topic. With the internet being leveraged to share stories, the e-reader bringing even more accessibility, and the more mature theme; James Schannep has truly managed to bring choose your own adventure into this generation. The future looks bright for this subset genre of books and I can’t wait to read more from this promising author, in this format or any other.” -Daniel Flatt,
“Chuck Klosterman meets George A Romero… Witty pop-culture savvy writing makes this a highly enjoyable read and since it has multiple plot-lines it’s easily re-readable. If you like ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ or ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ then INFECTED is definitely the kind of book you’re looking for.” –Amazon reviewer
“It was a super fun read and it made it all the better that it had quality writing. None of the choices were kitschy and the zombie theme totally worked! It was a great time, I’d recommend it to anyone. It has a fun social aspect too because you can compare ways you died with your friends. I know some people who even turned it into a drinking game!” –Amazon reviewer
“Infected. Is. So. Good.” -A girl just like you.
“Holy $#*% this is awesome!” -A guy more or less like you.
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