After a bizarre experiment leaves you with one of three superpowers (play the book multiple times to explore all three), you must ally with or confront the other two test subjects while the fate of Mercury City–nay, the world!–hangs in the balance.

Live your own interactive comic book adventure and Get SUPERPOWERED!

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★★★★★ “Loved it! You get so much story for the money.” – Indie Book Reviewers 

★★★★★  A long time ago I was a fan of “Choose your own path” adventure books. Especially the “Fighting Fantasy” series and also “Lone Wolf”. They were brilliant and introduced me to RPG in the mid-eighties. Occasionally there were some attempts to revive this genre of game-book with mixed results.

I believe James Schannep made quite a breakthrough in this industry. This “Superpowered – choose your poison” book is truly awesome. It’s a cut above the competition in several different aspects, including the amount of choices (three types of super power, villain and hero paths, some funny and quite “realistic” paths…small spoiler ahead: I just rolled laughing when my character inadvertently ended professional football), well written and dynamic story, very well thought back tracking process, logic and well imagined options. You will simply be thrilled by the experience of being a Super Hero…and believe me, you’ll come back for more! You will want to try all the options.

There are some issues that could be improved. For example the origin story is fun but oriented clearly to a young and juvenile audience. Fun, simple and let’s go to the main plate. No problem with that, but than most of the story has some situations and language not appropriate to those targets. The author should establish his target audience. It would also be great to have some line drawings illustrating some of the events. A game system would also be interesting (although I understand that it becomes far more complex to plot the story).

This book will give you many hours of entertaining adventure, a huge amount of possibilities, and I recommend it to adult customers (young readers should adventure in this world with their parents as reading sidekicks). – Amazon Reviewer 


SPOILER ALERT: Caution, if you want a true Monet Experience, avoid these questions until after you’ve read through the book several times.

Take 1-2 weeks, progress through as many story iterations as you can, while keeping the following questions in mind. Then, meet with your reader’s group and discuss:

1) Which superpower did you pick first? Which was your favorite?
2) Discuss your impressions of Nick and Catherine. Did you like or dislike these characters? Did that change as the narrative progressed?
3) Which was your first ending? Share your experiences with the group.
4) What would you say was the “best ending” you found? Talk about solving the saving the world vs conquering.
5) There are certain expected norms in superhero/comic book fiction. To what extent did SUPERPOWERED uphold these traditions? Has Schannep added anything new to the genre?
6) Both Nick and Catherine can fight for good or for evil, depending on your interactions with them. What does this say about human nature and fate?
7) There are several vignettes off the beaten path. What was your favorite “hidden gem”?
8) SUPERPOWERED shows that even in a fantasy world where you’re given god-like powers, there are still consequences for your actions. In what ways do these consequences grow with your newfound potential?
9) Did you enjoy playing as a hero or playing as a villain more? Which was easier to win? Did which superpower you possessed make any difference?
10) How did you feel about being “in control” of the story? Did you feel more or less involved than you do with traditional books?
11) Did you feel you were rewarded for altruistic or selfish actions? For reserved or brazen choices? Defend your positions.
12) Did you come into this book as a fan of superhero movies, comic books, video games, or novels? All or none of the above? Has that position altered your experience? Are you more or less likely to seek out superhero prose?

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