Want to wear my heart on your sleeves? Check out these fantastic Click Your Poison t-shirts featuring the work of artists Nikki Jansen, Brian Silveira, Matt “Opus” Fuller, and DC Comics’ Jack Purcell.

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So you survived the Zombie Apocalypse? Now you can say, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!” You’ve already gotten INFECTED, now show off how tasty your brain is to all your friends.Shirts are guaranteed to last the duration of the Apocalypse. Shop now: here.



If you want to show off your uncanny sleuthing skills (or just your fabulous taste in books), why not do it in the official t-shirt from this Amazon bestselling book? Choose wisely. Shop now: here.


Let’s assume you’re already SUPERPOWERED. You’ve been a superhero. You’ve been a supervillain. But you know what will *really* make you look super? This super-powered t-shirt, that’s what! Available in red, blue, and green so you can sport your loyalty to your favorite superpower. Grab the official shirt from the officially amazing Kindle book today! Shop now: here.


There’s nothing more satisfying than saying, “I loved Click Your Poison back before it was cool.” And with this shirt, you’re saying that you rock the trilogy look. Available in four colors because in a closed system entropy can only increase. Also…four books! Note: No one will know if you get this shirt after it’s cool. Do it. Shop now: here.


Life is full of choices, so take your expert decision maker’s skillset outside of the book series and out into the real world with the Click Your Poison logo tee. While wearing this shirt, YOU are the hero. Unfortunately, most of your choices will be “Recieve Compliment,” “Explain Your Fandom,” and “Make Lifelong Friends.” Hope you’re ready. If not, CLICK HERE to start over. Shop now: here.


Show off your love of Big Pharma and Human Infinite Technologies with the Gilgazyme Inhaler Logo shirt! Tell people you got it at the company picnic and that you play softball with Dr. Lewis Deleon and Dr. Richard Phoenix. Stay young and beautiful forever with Gilgazyme. T-shirt inspired by the Click Your Poison books INFECTED and PATHOGENS. Shop now: here.


Six characters, 100 possible endings, one t-shirt. In three available colors! Show the world that you’re an expert decision-maker. After all, you chose this stylish shirt based on the interactive Click Your Poison gamebook, PATHOGENS. PS — No, you didn’t spill something on your shirt. People just can’t help but stare at that rat. The eyes, they’re just so….  Shop now: here.

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