Star Wars Reboot

Welcome to the official landing page of the unofficial Star Wars: What the Prequels Should Have Been project. Here you can find news about the movement and, eventually, be able to download the screenplays and visual companion to Episodes I, II, and III. Don’t forget to check out for a visual guide on the process and subscribe to both websites for updates.

Reimagined, Redesigned, Rebooted.*


In the posts May the Fourth Be With You! and Revenge of the Fifth! I set up my intentions, but basically the mission statement is this: The Star Wars prequels should have been amazing. I’m going to rewrite them so they are.

What you can expect:

  • The fun and adventure of the Original Trilogy (OT).
  • Some ideas and concepts from Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy (PT), but none of the sillyness and bloating.
  • Basically nothing from the Expanded Universe (EU). Only what we’ve seen on film counts as cannon.
  • This will be a standard screenplay, not a Click Your Poison book.

Where are the ideas coming from? Mainly from re-imagining the PT, but with some obvious nods to Belated Media and Red Letter Media’s YouTube videos, and the Q2 fan-edited “Fall of the Jedi” prequel trilogy. Go Google those three. They did a great job re-constructing the films, but with one, obvious limitation: I have a blank page. I can cross off what I choose, add something completely new, and forge a stand-alone product in the form of a screenplay.

When you read the script for Episode I: A New Menace, you’ll find a whole new movie laid out before you.

Fantasy poster. Artwork by

Episode I: A New Menace

Major changes (SPOILERS, if you want to read the scripts as a Monet Experience):

  • The title has a double meaning. It’s a new take on The Phantom Menace, yes, but there’s also a completely new menace added to the trilogy. See the next bullet.
  • Rather than a quasi-racist-stereotype Asian alien Trade Federation, the main villains at the start of the film will be the Mandalorians. Remember Boba Fett? Now imagine a whole clan of mercenaries with that armor and attitude. Now we’ve got a galactic threat to be reckoned with.
  • No Jar-Jar. In fact, no Gungans. All of the nonsense will be cut, and instead the focus will be character relationships, action, and plotting (in that order).
  • Anakin will be introduced to us as a young man, not a boy. He’s going to be more of a Han Solo character, to balance out the puerile Obi-wan.
  • Darth Maul will live on beyond Episode I.

Comments on this page are welcome! I’d love to hear from other Star Wars fans.

* Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned and operated by 20th Century Fox and these screenplays are written for educational purposes only, as a writing experiment, and offered for free as fan fiction under copyright fair use exception. The owner of this website encourages everyone to purchase a legal copy of both Star Wars trilogies for comparison, as well as to ensure no profit is lost from the Reboot the Prequels venture.

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    • Not released yet, Nathan. We got a little sidetracked (Brian moved for work and I’m releasing a new book this month) but we’re back on the project. You can subscribe to this blog or to my author mailing list ( to know as soon they’re available.

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