I’ve started querying my historical fantasy novel, which I’ll refer to as WTZD until I can give out more details.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about this, as publishers like to be tight-lipped about their in-development projects, and it dates my efforts to any agent looking at this site.  BUT that’s why I started this blog, to track my progress as a writer.  So what does that mean?  Unfortunately I can’t say much, yet.  Just that the novel is done, loved by my inner circle of critics, and ready to be shown to literary agents.  I am, as of this post, unrepresented.  That will soon change .

What I can share, is this image below, which I found while doing research for my queries.  It sums up, quite nicely, my goal with WTZD.  To enthrall and feed imaginations.

Wish me luck.

Books - That is exactly how they work

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3 thoughts on “Books

    • Personally, I think the expletive adds gravity to the picture. Without it, it’s just a brick wall.

      That being said, I think this picture is for adults. Kids don’t need to be told *why* they should like something, they just need to be presented with something worthy of their attention. That, as writers, is our job.

      Thanks for reading, Ann!

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