When an ebook is Superior to a Paperback

The pros and cons are oft debated; which is better? An ebook or a physical book? Usually the list looks something like this:

-Infinite battery life
-Can take in bathtub
-Easier to lend/resell/buy used
-Can display as art
-Nostalgia for feel & smell

-More portable
-Saves trees

Well, now you can add another pro to the ebook list. With interactivity, ebooks blow paperbacks out of the water. With my “Click Your Poison” series, I’m often asked how an interactive ebook works on the Kindle. So I made this video. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “When an ebook is Superior to a Paperback

  1. “And that’s how it is!”

    Great video! Since you’re on the ground level of interactive ebooks it’s really great to have a quick “how-to” for anyone who might be unsure/intimidated about the process.

    Keep up the excellent work, Mr Schannep!

  2. Wow, nice video, I haven’t read any interactive ebooks yet but I love Zombie stories. I’ll definitely add your book to my “Books I want” shelf to read it and write a review in my Blog.

  3. Nice video! That display on Amazon is one of the impediments of the ebook (granted, the paper books have the problem of the first pages being nothing but boring). I really appreciated this walkthrough!

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