PATHOGENESIS! Or, what’s in a name?

I’m considering a new title for the next book. I’ve mentioned in another post that it’s another zombie tale, and was tentatively titled, “INFECTED: Origins”

Now I’m thinking, “PATHOGENS.”

I like it as a title because it’s a disease vector, as in, how an infection starts. After all, this is a prequel. Also, it would be my first plural title, because it’s the first disparate story, with plural protagonists. And…you know…paths. Choices. Get it?

I may still keep the other as a subtitle. “PATHOGENS: INFECTED Origins” or something like that.

What do YOU think?

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12 thoughts on “PATHOGENESIS! Or, what’s in a name?

  1. Well, you may be minimizing your options. Are all Zombies created through Pathogenesis, either bacterial or viral? If I remember correctly the first INFECTED was brought on by the use of an anti-ageing medication, which would lead me to believe INFECTED had nothing to do with infectious disease, but instead with some non biological chemical reaction with the central nervous system. Which makes me wonder what the transmission mechanism was. So if the aim is to create a line of INFECTED, then I would keep the brand value you developed with INFECTED and just add specifics as to the new story…So “INFECTED: Bacteremia” if the story revolves around mutant bacteria discovered in a secret North Korean lab which could turn their enemies into Zombies through a simple blood infection. That would satisfy your blood borne transmission route. Just keep INFECTED as the main tag…

    • Yes and no. The anti-aging medication was delivered via gene therapy, so it’s considered a retro-virus, I believe (because the new gene is delivered virally). So the host is “infected,” even though the source of the whole apocalypse is from genetic engineering.

      As of now, this is the only planned spinoff CYP book.

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