My Big Trip — To Brazil!

Can you guess how excited I am? Thiiiiiiisss much.

In a few days, my wife and I are headed on the trip of a lifetime. A bucket-list trip, if you will. We’re going to Brazil, first to take a boat down the Amazon, see the jungle, and then head to Rio de Janeiro to see the sites like the one above.

I know what you’re thinking–didn’t I release MURDERED two years ago?

Sure did, and I made the setting as authentic as I could–for someone who had never visited Brazil. And in doing that research, I created a travel guide of sorts that I now aim to follow.

Originally, I thought I’d blog about the trip as I went, but after some thought I’ve decided to delay that until the return. I don’t want to have to rush to an internet cafe everyday and I don’t even think it would be feasible for my river/jungle portion. Instead, I’m going to blog each day as it happens, day by day, then publish it when I get back in daily episodes as if the whole thing were only on a delayed timer.

So when I get back, I’ll tell you all about it.

I’m going to stay in the hostel your character is staying in at the start of the book. Eat at the same Copacabana Palace you can eat at in the book. Ride the cog train up to the Christ statue. I’ll even head into the favelas! During the day, of course. I know the consequences…

Test your detective skills in the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro's favelas.
And, more than anything, I’m going to paint the town red.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas break as much as I will and I’ll catch you in the new year!

Edit: I’ve started blogging about the trip. Check that out here.

So, what do YOU think? Have you ever been on a trip like this? Doing anything fun over winter?

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7 thoughts on “My Big Trip — To Brazil!

  1. I’m coming to you live from Sydney airport courtesy of their free wifi and high winds which have delayed my connection to Canberra. Apparently when I get there I will be joining residents worried about ugh fires. I hope that doesn’t happen. I visited just after major bush fires ten years ago and it was sad seeing melted guttering and tragic seeing burnt out houses. It’s 35 C here in Sydney the start of their summer. ;fifteen degrees more than my home town in New Zealand I left earlier today. There is nothing like travel for a writer. My first interactive book drew on a memorable excursion to Arapawa Island and Sydney visits inspired Between The Stars. I managed 1500 words on the plane over which might make 700 in my next story. Wishing you lots of stimulating travel experiences and safe journeying.

    • What a fantastic comment, thank you! Australia and New Zealand are on my bucket list too, so one day… It’s nice to get out of the northern hemisphere during our winter, but the Brazil forecast is looking rather balmy. Thanks for the well-wishes!

  2. Cannot wait to read your experience. Between your 3 CYP books, Murdered is the one I love the most especially one of the bad ending. I know normally people don’t like bad ending. But in this case, I keep imagining that CSI will solve the murder and discover what truly happen. Cannot wait for your next CYP books like Murdered

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