‘TESTIMONE’ hits Italy!

My second Click Your Poison novel, MURDERED, is now making a splash on the Italian shores as the translated edition, TESTIMONE.

Give Catnip Edizioni a like, check out the beautiful cover art, and if you know any Italian readers, send them this way:

Thanks for reading! Have you ever read a book that was translated from the author’s native language into your own?

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2 thoughts on “‘TESTIMONE’ hits Italy!

  1. I remember reading a directly translated play from Chekov at secondary school: The Cherry Orchard. My standout memory were the terms of endearment the Russian characters used. My darling cucumber struck me as particularly foreign at the time.later in life o was involved in testing questionnaires originally written in English into other languages. I learned how important testing was to discover dialectical and cultural differences.

    • Seamus Heaney’s translation of “Beowulf” is a thing of beauty. The first book I bought outside of academic study that was originally published in a foreign language is “An Iliad” by Alessandro Baricco. One day I hope to head to Italy and sign books/posters for people who I can’t talk to natively 🙂

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