My B

I pay a professional editor and scour my manuscripts before publishing, and still I make mistakes. Who doesn’t? But that’s part of why I love writing — mistakes can always be edited — even in a book that’s been published for years.

A few months back I had a reader write in and tell me about a “turn to page xyz” paperback error, where Z was one number off.

How many people had seen that and ignored it? Letting me know means I can fix it. And for that, I’m always grateful.

Which leads to my most recent mistake.

I found out via a 1-star review of MURDERED. Read for yourself:


No writer likes a bad review, but I’m glad I got this one. It gave me the chance to fix it. Yet, I still haven’t heard back from that reader, and so I still haven’t been able to fix things with that reader. (If you’re reading this, please contact me.)

And if YOU find a mistake in one of my books, please don’t ignore it. I want to know! I might even make it worth your while…

In fact, I certainly will. That’s “My B” — An open bounty on errors! Find a mistake, let me know, and you shall be rewarded.

Thanks for reading! What do YOU think? How do you react when you find an error in a book? Have you ever found an error in one of mine?

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4 thoughts on “My B

  1. When I find a mistake in most books, I let them go. Unless I have chatted with the author previously and felt they would appreciate the feedback. I’m glad you’re in that category!

  2. I think you’re awesome, James. I know how difficult it is to write a multipath story and I’m impressed with your work.

    I haven’t read the Mystery book. In the paths I have taken in the other books, I don’t recall any errors, and I know I’ve covered nearly all of the paths (if not all) in Infected and Superpowered. I’m still working on Pathogens.

    What I like with reading your CYP books on my Kindle is the ability to use the Back button to work my way back through the story the way that I came, so I can try other paths after the one I took comes to an end. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how the Back button works with your CYP books or if it works the same way on all the Kindles. Mine’s a Kindle Keyboard. Using the Back button makes it much easier to visit all the possible endings. But even with the Back button, I still have to remember which choices I’ve not chosen before, so it is possible that I’ve missed some.


    • I think you’re awesome too, Michael. Rock that back button! I know my Kindle for Android can do something similar. Thanks for writing in!

      PS — It’s the perfect time to check out MURDERED. The events of the book took place a bit in the future when I wrote it (just before the Olympics in Brazil), so it’s more relevant than ever. And I fixed the glitch!

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