Look out, internet. The world’s first cat font (umm, where the letters are… cats) is now unleashed upon you. As reported by Brian Ahscraft of

…the upper and lower case characters are called “Neko Font” (ねこフォント), which is Japanese for “Cat Font”. The two cats that appear in Cat Font are named “Raizou” and “Mondo”. They are adorable. The font is created from photos of these two furry friends.”

So, in order to increase the popularity of my books, the next one will be written in cat. Or maybe I should just release a cat version of INFECTED?


Want to write your own cat novel? Get started here:

But as long as we’re using the power of cats, here are the top 10 zombie kitten memes (yes, I know I should be working). Enjoy!

Is that ten? I don’t know. I’m too overwhelmed by adorable to count.