1K books sold!


July marks over 1000 copies of INFECTED sold in less than 10 months! Since September 17th, roughly 750 ebooks have sold. Since November 13th, roughly 250 paperbacks have sold.

Thanks so much to all my awesome readers who’ve enjoyed the book and shared it with others. None of this would be possible without you! I am ‘eternally’ grateful (zombie pun intended)…

4 thoughts on “1K books sold!

    • When a friend of mine optioned his screenplay, I poured some whiskey and said, “I’m toasting in your honor, not drinking out of jealousy!” But we both know which was true 😉

      Thanks for the congrats. It’s only a little milestone, but I’m happy. I believe if we keep at it, keep planting our lightning rods as it were, lightning will strike eventually!

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