Dustin’ off the Cobwebbs (5k results!)

This year, we ran for Team Alan.

While this was a “run where you are” event, I didn’t receive any pictures/times from 5ks out in the world, but you did something more important — you donated. When I announced the event last week, Team Alan still needed $1500 to make their goal. Now that number is down to under $800. I’m told this last stretch was largely from people who donated during our final push here, so if you donated at least $25 and I owe you a signed book, please let me know via my contact form.

In Denver, we had a team of five runners and one dog.


Here we are celebrating with a beer after the finish line, and I have to commend our runners who weren’t used to the altitude and/or had too much fun celebrating Halloween the night before.

You might have also noticed that I shaved my beard. You know that Halloween fun the night before I mentioned? Check out my costume:


Know who I was for Halloween? Leave your guess in the comments below.

Thanks again to all those who donated or helped spread the word!


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