Book Signing…and 5k?!


Huzzah! I’m actually making my central Texas signing event come to fruition.

I’d feared this wouldn’t happen after learning that Hastings is going out of business, but I’ve since found the perfect event.

I’m going to sponsor a local race, and do a signing after.

The best part? You can dress up like a zombie or survivor, run/walk a 5k race, get a race shirt with my CYP logo on it, then join me for a signing afterwards.


Or just show up for the signing, that’s fine too. 

Hurry, there’s not much time to register!

When: Sat, Oct 29th
Where: Belton, TX


Thanks for reading! What do YOU think? Are you able to make it?

Leave me a comment below, and don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Dustin’ off the Cobwebbs (5k results!)

This year, we ran for Team Alan.

While this was a “run where you are” event, I didn’t receive any pictures/times from 5ks out in the world, but you did something more important — you donated. When I announced the event last week, Team Alan still needed $1500 to make their goal. Now that number is down to under $800. I’m told this last stretch was largely from people who donated during our final push here, so if you donated at least $25 and I owe you a signed book, please let me know via my contact form.

In Denver, we had a team of five runners and one dog.


Here we are celebrating with a beer after the finish line, and I have to commend our runners who weren’t used to the altitude and/or had too much fun celebrating Halloween the night before.

You might have also noticed that I shaved my beard. You know that Halloween fun the night before I mentioned? Check out my costume:


Know who I was for Halloween? Leave your guess in the comments below.

Thanks again to all those who donated or helped spread the word!


A 5k in 4 Countries and 9 States

Springing off the great suggestion of the  Automattic Worldwide WP 5k, I decided to extend the offer to my network and bait the trap with a $10 amazon giftcard for top male and female finishers.  The Asynchronous Team was comprised of friends, family, colleagues, and followers.  I asked for a picture, race time (to determine the winner), location, and something stating why they ran.  Many rallied to the call of walking or running a 5k, and those who volunteered to send me a bit about their race are featured below.

Looking good, girl!

Congrats to our female winner, Michaela G. in Montgomery, AL!

Michaela G.

3.2 in 23:59
Montgomery, AL

Despite the fact that I split the categories into male and female, Michaela was the our overall winner.  She’s awesome, and my fiance.

She’s only in Alabama for training, but she’s been working out a lot and it’s paid off!



Apparently he's so fast you can't see him!

Congrats to our male winner, Nate D. from Easthampton, MA!

Nate D.

3.1 “pretty flat miles”
Easthampton, MA.

Why Nate’s running?  He’s an avid runner, but the last month he’s been swamped with work and hasn’t gotten out.  This challenge provided the motivation to get out and clear his head.



The long hair is temporary, but I'm diggin' it.

James Schannep (your author!)

3.15 in 25:00

I grew up in Texas (mostly) and my parents still live here.  Whenever I visit, my dad and I walk a 5k every morning joined by his golden retriever, Trooper.

This visit, I’m taking care of my dad while he recovers from foot surgery.

Down, but not out.

He was heartbroken he couldn’t participate in my big 5k day, so I made a plan to keep him involved.  He became my official lap counter and photographer.  Trooper watched while I ran with my lab puppy, Buttercup.



Derek's midnight raid

Derek W.

Singapore, Singapore

Official start time: 2310 Singapore time zone 29APR2012

“I ran for about 6.1k then walked another 3.5k. I did not finish until roughly 0015. Have some amazing friends in Singapore and they invited me to live out here which is why I will likely not be able to attend the wedding… :(”


This is Tony's happy face.

Tony M.

30 minutes 20 seconds (start time was 1300 EST)
Fort Washington, Maryland (4 miles outside of Washington DC)

“I’m running because I think Facebook users usually emphasize useless things in order to make someone else feel that their life is somehow lacking. This activity doesn’t require money or extensive equipment/planning and it’s built around unification of effort despite distance or dissimilar localities. I think it’s cool and positive.”

Oh, Stephen...

Stephen S.

Killeen, TX
3.1 in 28:27

Stephen did THREE 5ks this weekend with his new bride, Amy.  They enjoy being active together.

No, these are not raceday pictures.

Amy S.

Killeen, TX
3.11 in 37:07

My lovely sister!  She likes to do races, but she ran today solely because of the Asynchronous team.  It was run #3 after all…



Point to the man in the picture having a good day.

Chris B.

Ponce inlet beach, FL

Why’d you run, Chris?  “Because I wanted to support a friend’s idea. And for a great view of the…uh… ocean”


Not much, Mike. Not much.

Mike B.

Los Angeles, CA

“I have no idea how far it was, but it took me about 24 minutes.  Should be around 5k, considering it was pretty hilly and I was going at jog pace.  What else do you need from me?”



Good to see great friends!

KacyJane & Mike G.

“Time: ME: 37 minutes (I walked) Mike: 27 Minutes
Location: River’s Edge Trail, Great Falls, MT
Me: Trying to get back into shape after a stroke.
Mike: Trying to get back into shape. Thanks for the Idea, it was fun.”

Just another day in paradise.

Richard Y.


Why did you run, Rich?  “PT huah, also I did it to make sure Michaela didn’t get to uppity thinking she was faster than me.”



Do you see the Irish wolfhound?

Hans C.

Wildcat Hills, just inside The Ghost wilderness area, Alberta.
5.7 km
265 m elevation gain
1620 meter elevation
220 M&M’s
1 hour 37 minutes

I hesitate to call Hans’ hike a “walk”, but if ever there were a badass walk, this is it.  And thanks for the candy stat!

"Going my way?"

Bart and Marcella S.

5k run (walk!)
on the beach in Carlsbad, CA
Start 10:04am, finished in 45 minutes.





45mins is a pretty fast walk, eh?


This couple is one of the more fun I’ve had the  pleasure of meeting.  Lucky me, we’re related.  They ran today because Marcella loves two things: facebook and a challenge!




If they did it...what's your exuse?

Samantha, Brian, Liam, Stella & Chief D.

Queidersbach, Germany
1 hour (we would have run but the stroller weighs 50 lb!)

“We participated so that we could have some family fun walking in the Germany countryside.

Thanks for the idea!”

Sister walk!

Sarah D. and Alison B.

3.15 in 1:04:00

These are a couple of my sisters, and yes, I walked it with them too 🙂 And then I took a nap.  They’re busy working moms striving to make fitness a priority.




I only had to give a few piggyback rides.



The kiddos followed us the whole time!  First 5k race–29 April 2012.

That's a "go" sign, people.




Hal W. & Janet S.

Osmanthus Trail, VA
6+ miles, with a 3.1 loop
Loop in 48:12

“It was a great day for a hike/walk here…It was partly cloudy and a tad chilly, in the low 50s. We walked in on a multi-use path called the Cape Henry Bike Path (the photo is from that part of the hike). My wife and I hike/walk (sometimes jog) for exercise, but also as a way to spend time together. We always have fun conversations about art and life and day-dreaming.”

*     *     *     *     *     *    *    *    *

Thanks to everybody who participated, and to our honorary members as well.  Great job everybody!  Winners can expect their prizes soon.  Let’s not wait a year to do it again…

The Asynchronous Team 5k

It’s a funny name, but here’s what it is: a 5k run/walk race without any physical location.  I’m inviting friends, family, readers, followers, and first time visitors to the site to join up and run a race together.

This is how I train. Better bring your A-game. is hosted by WordPress, who’s hosting something they call the  Automattic Worldwide WP 5k:

WHAT IT IS: A 5k run/walk (approximately 3.1 miles). You can run, walk, or skip. It’s up to you. There’s no time limit and there’s just one requirement: that you participate! You can do it inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a track, or even do a swim or a bike ride instead of running/walking – just get moving!

A 5k is roughly equal to:

  • 3.1 miles
  • 12 laps around a track
  • approximately 6000-7500 steps
  • approximately 50-60 minutes of brisk walking

Here’s what makes it cool & unique: I’ll be running with my family in TX, my friends and fellow writers in CA (and worldwide), my fiance Michaela and her flight who’re training at Maxwell AFB, AL.  I’m even going to pressure people living abroad to join in (you hear me Sam and Brian?!).  And I want to invite you too.

All you have to do is move 3.1 miles, any time on the 29th of April.  That’s two weeks from now.  I know, I’ve been slacking too, so we’d better get a few training runs in.  Because the winner (we’re on the honor system here, people) will get a $10 gift certificate to

Ten-Dollar Holler!

Find a route around you (, pick a time to race (anytime on April 29th), take a picture of yourself/your team on race day, and send me your photos & race times.  Results will be posted on this site and the #1 racer of each gender (go Michaela!) will get a $10 gift certificate.  And remember, this is for posterity, so…be honest.

Interested?  Hit me up with a comment below or drop me a line to let me know you’re in or for more info/questions.