Oscar 2016: Results

We had the biggest year ever with 22 entries! And…most of you beat me. So, I’m gonna owe a lot of books. Here’s a fair representation of yours truly as I’m grading these things:

There was also a four-way tie for second place, and only a single-point lead for first, so I narrowly avoided having five winning players! I better come up with a tie-breaker question for next year.

All participants should have received an email with your results. Unless your name is “dasdasd” and you chose to input your email address as “adasdasd@dasdd.com.” Umm, thanks for playing?

Interesting trends:

  • No one predicted Mark Rylan’s win. Literally no one. That’s the only weighted category no one got.
  • Most people (me included) over-estimated Gaga’s chances. She and Stallone were the most common “wrong” answers.
  • Likewise, Ex-Machina’s visual effects win was a shocker to most. But it’s a great movie and I’m glad it got some love.

That’s it for 2016’s contest. See you next year!

Did you watch the show? How many winners did you manage to see this year?

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