Book Signing…and 5k?!


Huzzah! I’m actually making my central Texas signing event come to fruition.

I’d feared this wouldn’t happen after learning that Hastings is going out of business, but I’ve since found the perfect event.

I’m going to sponsor a local race, and do a signing after.

The best part? You can dress up like a zombie or survivor, run/walk a 5k race, get a race shirt with my CYP logo on it, then join me for a signing afterwards.


Or just show up for the signing, that’s fine too. 

Hurry, there’s not much time to register!

When: Sat, Oct 29th
Where: Belton, TX


Thanks for reading! What do YOU think? Are you able to make it?

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Thoughts on a Book Signing

Yesterday I was back at my old stomping grounds for a signing at what must be my most supportive bookstore, Hastings in Killeen, TX. How’d it go? Let’s review.

Only one fan cashed in on a high-five, kind of disappointing. I did, however, sign my first book withing five minutes of setting up (from a fan who had been to both of my other Hastings signings). Off to a good start.  

Seriously. I signed more copies of MURDERED than INFECTED yesterday and my zombies always overwhelm my mystery in the sales ranking. What am I doing wrong online that I’m doing right in person?

I’m too polite to say so in person, but whenever someone tells me they don’t read, I can’t help but think they’re confessing illiteracy. One guy even said, “Reading is against my religion.” Counterpoint? As a wise man once said, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” (Mark Twain)   signing1

My nephew holding a book he’s not yet allowed to read (it’s at least PG-13, says the guy who doesn’t have kids). Still, those are real smiles!  

And then, of course, you have the other end of the spectrum. The people who make me feel like I’m hocking a sham-wow or something. Pro-tip: Be polite, say hello, and keep walking. Or, if you stop by and aren’t interested, just say “good luck with it” and be on your way. I understand not every person on the planet will love my books.

It’s a roller coaster, with massive ups and downs. Yesterday was an “Up.” ‘Nuff said. signing2

Talk about a fun experience. I was introduced via webcam because a pair of fans wanted to “meet” me! I don’t have much experience with people “fanning out” but it’s certainly welcome. I spend a *lot* of time sitting alone with my imagination, so it’s good to remind myself that I don’t exist in a vacuum.

Wearing a comic book t-shirt? Come check this out. Hey, kid in the zombie tuxuedo! I’ve got something you should read. Still, the nice lady in the American flag shorts with (another) American flag on her tanktop bought all three books, so you never can tell.

I’ve got a lot to live up to if Mark Hamill is any example of autographing done right. Glad to see my nerdy scribblings are appreciated!

And there you have it, ladies and germs. Until next time! Maybe with a new book to show off?

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