Opportunity Knocks and I’m Out Partying

Well, damn.

I just got invited to sell my book at “Walker-Stalker Con” in Georgia. It’s a zombie convention where the cast of The Walking Dead will be present to sign autographs.


The bad news? I’m a groomsman at a wedding that weekend!

And I got a call from the Ft Hood PX (only the largest US military shopping outlet in the world) asking if I’d do a Halloween signing. Which, if not for the wedding, I could do an epic roadtrip and hit both. Pack the Prius full of books and make it a thing.

Obviously, I want to be part of the wedding (love you Brian & Emily!), I just wish they didn’t conflict. The gods mock us mortal men!

Positive spin: my ‘little book’ is starting to get some big attention. There’s always next time, right? Right?!


6 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocks and I’m Out Partying

  1. Wow. Those both sound like great opportunities. Too bad. We would love to see you too. Love you, Mom

  2. James, You should go to these events, unless of course it is your wedding or you are the best man because frankly it’s a nice thing to do but a groomsman? Pray about it.

  3. James, Sorry, wasn’t thinking in my last post. Friends are more important than opportunity. If it is meant to be, it will happen for you in His time. Love, Dad

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