Social Vampire Contests, Reviews, Giveaways & More!

It’s nearly a week since the launch of Social Vampire, contests have started, and the reviews are already coming in:

If you want to catch more contests, keep reading below, and make sure you’re following me on my Facebook author page.

How about a contest for those who follow my blog? Check out the Rafflecopter entry form below, where you can win a $25 Amazon gift card to spend on the Social Vampire deluxe hardcover, paperback, or ebook (and whatever else you’d like!).

Giveaway will open in a new tab/window

Want to know more about the story? Another fun feature you may have missed during the launch week was the audio teaser! My narrator, RC Bray, is working on the full audiobook, but helped me make a trailer for launch.

If you’d like, you can head over to my YouTube channel to listen to an extended trailer.

Lastly, as I continue to try to build buzz over the book launch, I’d like to ask you for your help! Please consider leaving your honest thoughts wherever you buy or rate books. This is an easy, free way to support an indie author like me. And the truth is, I couldn’t do any of this without that support! Thank you all for reading.

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