Holy Batman Day, Batman!

Today, Batman turned 75 years old. The Caped Crusader’s impact on pop culture is undeniable, especially as one of the few “everyman” superheroes that can stand their ground amongst those who might otherwise seem like gods.

Old Man Batman by ArtOfWei on deviantART.

In honor of the Dark Knight’s birthday, I wanted to share an update on my own cape & cowl project, SUPERPOWERED. As the third Click Your Poison book, you’ll be Mercury City’s scourge or it’s redemption with your own set of super-human abilities. After a move to the Denver metro area, writing life has been a bit hectic, but I’m back chasing criminals down dark alleys and inventing new ways to take over the world. Right now I’m looking at a fall/winter release.

How about a birthday present? Below you’ll find a raw and unedited sample of SUPERPOWERED where you’re able to save a damsel in distress just like good ‘ol Bruce Wayne himself. Minor Spoilers follow, in that it reveals a bit about one of the three powers you can inherit in the book. This comes from a scene where you’re playing darts at a bar, right after you discover you’re able to affect the darts’ trajectory with the power of your mind…


…a crash from behind draws your attention back to the bar. There’s a couple deep in argument, and a broken pint glass on the floor. It’s the girl from the shuffleboard table and a man who must’ve arrived just after you.

“I said, ‘no!’” she shouts. “Leave me alone or I’m calling the cops.”

“C’mon,” the man says, just before clamping a meaty hand on her bicep.

“You’re drunk and embarrassing yourself. Shut up!” he continues, trying to pull her away. Despite his accusation, it’s he that’s slurring his words.

“Leave her alone,” you find yourself saying.

The whole bar stops to look at you.

“You—you heard what I said, and I suggest you go now if you don’t want any trouble.”

Despite the man’s imposing size and his dock worker’s strength, you’re feeling confident. The man pushes the woman off to the side, then steps towards you. It’s obvious from his body language that the time for talk has passed.

He brings a fist the size of your head in towards you and you duck in for an uppercut to his abdomen.

Here’s what would have happened before you got your powers: Your blow lands harmlessly against his barrel chest, while his own strike connects to the side of your head. He then proceeds to beat you senselessly while everyone watches, thinking, that’s why you don’t get involved. If you’re lucky, the bartender will tell him that’s enough and he’ll drag his woman from the bar, leaving you bloodied on the floor.

Now here’s what actually happens: You use the same blend of physical and psychic movements you’ve just been practicing with the darts, except now you don’t hold back. Your fist connects with his ribcage, and then your mind blasts him away, sending the hulking man over the bartop and smashing against the shelf of alcohol. You just knocked him back fifteen feet, most likely shattering his ribs and possibly collapsing a lung.

“Are you okay?” you ask the woman.

She nods, terrified. Tears and mucous stream past her tremulous lips.

You look around the rest of the bar and all the patrons shrink away from your gaze. The bartender puts a shot on the counter for you and says, “On the house.”

Like a boss, you down the alcohol, give the man a knowing nod of thanks, and leave the bar.


Go back and sleep it off.


Just a small sample, but I hope you like it! For now, I must go seek fear and injustice in the night. Happy Batman Day!


A Birthday Present

Mmmm... sprinkles.
Mmmm… sprinkles.

Yeah, it’s my birthday again… And I’m making this cake. Unfortunately, I can’t share that with you, so instead I’ve got two presents for you, good for TODAY ONLY!

The first you can claim on facebook, so go ahead, click the picture below. It should be obvious, but it’s a FREE ebook ($3.99 value) with purchase of the paperback ($12.99). That’s like getting it 29% off!


The second is 29% off the paperback itself (in case you don’t have an ereader or you don’t like to share. You know who you are). For this offer, just go to: https://www.createspace.com/4002179  and enter “28MBTBU5” at checkout. Code is only good for today!

In case you don’t get the pattern, I just turned 29. Enjoy!

And, I suppose, if you REALLY want to get me a gift (you guys are so nice), you could always leave me a review on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009ANKHQK

Oh, and no “getting old” jokes. I’ve still got a year left in my 20s!

Happy Birthday to me

Today is the day I’m ready to stop aging.  I’m 28.

Even as a kid, in all the make-believe sessions, fan-fiction writings, video games I dreamed to be bigger than they were; the hero was always 28.  Somehow 28 seemed the perfect blend of adult wisdom and youthful prowess.  The first thing I realize as a 28-year-old, however, is that the wisdom isn’t fully cemented.  At least I hope there’s more to come.  I don’t feel “old” yet, and I doubt I ever will.

I’ve survived the curse of 27, having failed to go out in a blaze of glory tragically before my time.   I guess I’ll just have to find success the hard way.  Tim O’Brien began his groundbreaking literary career at 29, so I guess that’s the next benchmark.

I was reading another author’s blog and found this quote by the owner:

I think for a lot of people, around 30 is when life starts to move, when all the blood and tears you shed in your 20s while learning and working toward your future finally start to pay off.

I hope to be amongst those ranks.  It gives me a reason to keep aging.

Oh, and happy 155th to Thomas Edison as well!